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Best Lip Care Ingredients

Best Lip Care Ingredients

If you’re wondering what the best lip balm ingredients are to get soft lips, we’ve developed a short list to help you out. Not only that, but included a brief... Read More

How did skincare start?

The skin care routines and rituals we have today have come a long way from our ancestral beginnings. If we want to go back and find out who did face... Read More
How did skincare start?
3 Marvelous Lip Care Tips

3 Marvelous Lip Care Tips

Even though we are slowly making our way into the summer, some of us suffer from dry lips and chapped lips all year long. Here are three major lip care... Read More

Can Dry Skin be Itchy?

There are so many different reasons why dry skin can cause itchiness or discomfort. Even if you have dry skin on your face even after moisturizing. For me, personally, my... Read More

NEW! THENTIX Revitalizing Face Cream with mānuka honey.

mānuka – A magical, healing honey! Honey is a miracle of nature. It is made by bees that pollinate the mānuka bushes, which are native to Australia and New Zealand.... Read More


Here’s an interesting article by blog writer, ‘linaliciousss’. We really appreciate her feedback regarding our amazing, Thentix Premium Lip Balm. Thank you, Lina. Read More

We’re Ontario Made and Proud!

Thentix is proudly Canadian and quality-made in Ontario. Thentix products include a host of natural ingredients plus a “Touch of Honey” for its many beneficial properties. Try some today! Read More

Thentix is Paraben, Fragrance & PEG-40 Free!

Providing a natural product that is safe, helpful, consistent in quality and reliability is important to us. We receive many testimonials and recommendation for this amazing skin conditioner, which is... Read More

Frequent Hand Washing & Sanitizing?

Frequently washing your hands and using sanitizers often results in sore, dry hands.  Healthcare professionals know Thentix Skin Conditioner soothes and moisturizes sore, dry hands fast! It penetrates deep into... Read More