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Thentix A Touch of Honey™ Skin care line — perfect for treating a wide variety of dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and more. Thentix uses a natural approach for head-to-toe moisturizing. Now there’s More Thentix to Love! Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula (all natural and Health Canada Certified), Thentix premium Lip Balm, 99% plant-based Shampoo and Hair Conditioner plus NEW Thentix salon-quality Moroccan Hair Oil Urad Leather Cream — Cleans, Conditions, Shines and Protects leather, rubber, plastic and vinyl goods such as: shoes, boots, leather apparel, automotive interiors, furniture and much more. Urad is available in 7-ounce and 50-ML sizes plus 5-ounce Tenderly Leather Softener for soft and porous leathers. Dream Silks – Premium quality Duvets, Mattres and Pillow Covers feature 100% natural long-strand silk (unbleached) with a 100% Mercerized Cotton Percale shell. They are non-allergenic, warm in winter / cool in summer. Resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mold, which makes silk a must for those suffering from asthma, allergies and other health concerns. Deam Silks™ carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. see details at Maxfit Gloves – with Thinglove™ technology provides maximum grip, dexterity, touch sensitivity, comfort and fit. Available in Hidex, cut -resistant or Thermal models, you can wear these gloves for hours without sweating and then wash and dry with your regular laundry. Maxfits are non-allergenic and skin-friendly. Universal Stone – Polishes, protects and leaves surfaces sparkling clean! This ecofriendly cleaning product from Germany is non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-abrasive and chid and pet safe. Available in 650g, 900g and 4-kg sizes complete with specially-fabricated applicator sponges.