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January, 2021
Subject: Thentix A TOUCH OF HONEY Skin Conditioner … “helps patchy skin around nose and eyebrows” + “Best skin cream ever.”

“I have been using this for over 8 years. Before I tried it, I constantly had dry patches around my nose and eyebrows. Only prescription medications worked. Happy to say, I haven’t had to fill that prescription in 8 years. Just bought some for my son who is getting irritated skin from wearing a mask all day.”
J. Dylewski -- Canada

“Best skin cream ever. Wouldn’t think of using anything else.”
Annette Horvath – Saskatchewan, Canada

August 23, 2021
Thentix Skin Conditioner & Chemo
“Last year I wrote to thank you because of Covid and what all of the sanitizing and cleaning was doing to my hands. This year, having just finished 5 rounds of Chemotherapy, I would like to once again let you know that your Thentix skin conditioning products have been life and skin saving. When the entire bottoms of my feet peeled off, Thentix kept it moist and helped it to heal. I have gone through many pots during this Chemo process and my belief and faith in your product is unending. Thank you for the best healing skin conditioner that fits in my usually “natural” world. It has helped me get through this toxic time in my life.
Marty – London, Ontario CANADA

June 12, 2021
Subject: Thentix A TOUCH OF HONEY Skin Conditioner … “Psoriasis”

“I gave some (Thentix Skin Conditioner) to a friend for her psoriasis, she tried it & a day and half later, it was gone. Just like that. Truly Amazing… Thanks Thentix ”

A. Horvath – Saskatchewan, Canada

March 24, 2021
“ I started using Thentix close to the end of last year. I was looking for a good moisturizer for a dry skin problem I had and I decided I would give Thentix a try, mostly to support my cousins home based small business.... well colour me surprised, it has worked so well I am almost embarrassed that I didn’t try it sooner... for me these products work absolutely amazing....
Don’t be like me and struggle through a myriad of products before you try this stuff...”

J. Dylewski – Alberta, Canada

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