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O’Neill Innovations are innovators, a company that specializes in applying innovative material science and design solutions to established or existing products that need new relevance and real differentiation in today’s markets. So as part of our portfolio of leading products we are proud to introduce the most comfortable glove available on the market today.

MAXFIT with Thinglove technology is a totally new category of general purpose glove that offers skin protection along with unmatched comfort, fit, dexterity, touch sensitivity and hand health. It is engineered with a proprietary technology that is kind to the skin, draws perspiration away and allows the hands to “breathe” without compromising performance.

MAXFIT does not contain latex, nitrile or man-made-rubber – materials known to cause allergic reactions in some people. It is the skin friendly choice!!! The stretch fit and lightweight construction of Thinglove technology make these new gloves far more comfortable than ordinary work gloves. Great for construction, fall yard and Do-it-yourselfers. MAXFIT with Thinglove technology offers new levels of performance and is the leader in comfort. MAXFIT™ with Thinglove™ technology is engineered with a proprietary technology that is kind to the skin, draws perspiration away and allows the hands to “breathe” without compromising performance. MAXFIT™ – The leader in Comfort, Grip, Dexterity and Touch Sensitivity. Extremely Comfortable – The innovative materials, design, contouring fit and lightweight construction of

MAXFIT™ with Thinglove™ technology draws away perspiration and allow your hands to “breathe” even in extremely warm environments. Comfort equals productivity! Superior Grip – Our production process and advance proprietary technology enables MAXFIT™ with Thinglove™ technology construction to grip a wide variety of surfaces. Our performance coating is extremely effective for smooth surfaces, such as corrugated cartons, glass, precision components, specialty tools, etc. It also reduces the potential for skin abrasion, accidental drops and injuries. Comfort equals safety! Dexterity – Most gloves are bulky, feel uncomfortable and lack dexterity. However MAXFIT™ with Thinglove™ technology allows precise movement and control in performing even the most delicate tasks such as assembly or tool handling…true “surgical-like dexterity: without the discomfort and restraint. Comfort technology equals dexterity! Hand Healthy – Engineered to be kind to the skin, our advanced material contains, NO Latex, NO Nitrile, and NO Natural Rubber. A skin-friendly alternative, the inside of the

MAXFIT™ glove helps maintain a soothing environment for the surfaces of the hand. Healthy skin equals comfortable skin! “OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin (SHIB January 29, 2008) alerts field personnel, employees and employers about issues regarding sensitization and allergic reactions that have occurred in some individuals using natural rubber latex (NRL) products, particularly gloves, in the workplace setting. Use of natural rubber products may result in reactions ranging from redness and rash to nasal, sinus and eye symptom, asthmatic manifestations, including cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, and chest tightness to, in some cases, severe systemic reactions with swelling of the face, lips and airways that may progress rapidly to shock and , potentially, death.” (OSHA Safety and Health information bulletin SHIPB 01-28-2008 visit )

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